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**VERY IMPORTANT** PLEASE do not begin filming until you read the BEST PRACTICES

IMPORTANT: Your video will be edited to a 15 minute presentation. Please keep this in mind when filming the required segments. Short and to the point is key!


TEASER VIDEO (1 MIN): Please film a 60-second or less "join us for our event" invitation for social media. Let the audience know the date/time of the event and why they should attend. Ask them to register ASAP!

INTRO (2-3 MINS):  Good energy level during this segment sets the tone for an exciting and engaging event!

  • Welcome and introduction (name, title, name of clinic/practice) “…and we would like to welcome you all to our RHA virtual event…”

  • Encourage the audience to stay until the end of the presentation for a live Q&A. Attendees will be able to submit their questions via the “questions” tab and have them answered live by a team member.

  • Briefly detail any giveaways/specials with a reminder that prize winners will be notified via email. Be sure to qualify specials with a call to action (deadline: “Specials good on purchases made by ‘x’ date”).

EDUCATION 1: Tell your audience why you brought this treatment into the practice  (1-2 MIN)
EDUCATION 2: Explain how this treatment is different than similar treatments (1-2 MIN)
EDUCATION 3: What can this service treat (1-2 MIN)
EDUCATION 4: Explain who is a good candidate for this treatment (1-2 MIN)
EDUCATION 5: Explain when a patient will see maximum results and the longevity of the treatment (1-2 MIN)


  • Take BEFORE pictures of your patient

  • Film a dynamic assessment to discuss all the areas that will be/could be treated (3-4 MIN)

  • Film short segments of treatment for B-Roll, i.e. no talking with actual treatment (2-3 MIN)

  • Finish up the patient’s treatment to show the after results; Take AFTER pictures (1-2 MIN)


  • Thank everyone for attending

  • Remind them that giveaway winners will be notified by email/phone (if applicable).

  • IMPORTANT: Ask them to check their texts after the event and reply back "YES" to book a consultation/appointment and they will be contacted to schedule. 

  • Invite them to chat with you for the next 15-20 minutes through the questions box.

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