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MOST IMPORTANT: Please ONLY film horizontally. We cannot accept any footage that is filmed incorrectly or out of focus. 

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Please follow each step for BEST results:


  • When beginning and closing a segment, allow 2-3 seconds of footage. At the beginning of each segment - press record and with a slight smile, stay motionless for 2-3 seconds before speaking. At the end of each segment - after you finish your thought and at the end of your last sentence, stay motionless with a slight smile for 2-3 seconds before hitting stop on the recording. This will allow enough footage to blend into the following segments.


  • Speak in layman's terms that your audience can understand. No need to go into extreme depth on any particular question or get overly technical.


  • If filming content during office hours, utilize a treatment room away from active rooms to cut down on noise. Please ask everyone to lower voices and TURN OFF ANY OFFICE MUSIC.


  • Ensure all cellphones are on silent.


  • Countertops are clean and clear of extra items, hide sharps box, trash can, etc.


  • Remove any devices or other equipment not in use for presentation from room.


  • Please make certain that the speaker is in clear focus. Tapping the screen on the speaker can bring the person in focus.


  • A relaxed presentation is best (vs read from a script) and you may stumble over some words. That’s ok! It is more like real life. It comes across as more genuine. However, if you are unable to recover, stop, wait 1-2 seconds with a slight smile before starting over or picking up where you left off.


  • Please DO NOT send any takes that you do not want to use in your presentation.

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